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Tiffany Brown

Doing what I love and loving what I do. Centered on black community exploration, the stories and lives of all people, sharing what feels right and encouraging other creators to do the same! Experience of 5 years in digital storytelling, capturing live events and celebrations, as well as music and other art. Now accepting bookings!

After majoring in Film Production, shifting gears to do more of what I love in African American Studies, I am now on my latest endeavor of creating a non-profit with my friend and fellow Loyola Marymount University student, Perris Mykel. Together, we're bringing creatives of all backgrounds and trades together for monthly events to network, collaborate and create. Beyond that, I'm staying busy with freelance photography and videography work, as well as continually searching for new ways to create in my local community. Please get in touch with any questions or if you have any interesting projects in mind!!

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